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marine-and-offshore-productsLeading specialist in Singapore and Southeast Asia in reverse osmosis water maker as well as other water related systems.

Lattice boom repair and jibs

The combination of an extremely efficient process, the availability of special tools and equipment and a high level of professional skill mean damaged lattice booms and jibs can be repaired at highly competitive prices. Very short delivery periods can be offered because of the large quantity of high quality tubular material kept in stock.

Telescopic boom repair

telecopic-lattice-boom-repair We offer telescopic boom repair for countless sectors, and guarantee first-class quality at all times. Our telescopic boom repairs are from renowned manufacturers such as Liebherr.

Repair of port equipment

The extensive knowledge and expertise and broad experience in mobile crane maintenance and repair are also used for the repair and modification of port equipment such as fork-lift trucks and spreaders. Short delivery periods can also be ensured for this specialism because the right material is always in stock.

Mobile crane repair

If required, the whole process from recovery to returning ready to operate along with certification can be fully taken care of. All mechanical, hydraulic, drive and electronic components are also examined and repaired to be returned as new if required. The available capacity of manpower, technical resources and materials means a crane for overhaul can be returned fully ready for use in a very short period.

Steel wire rope

steel-wire-ropes-rotterdam Most cranes come with a recommended type of wire rope to use on the different functional components. Proper application of the wire rope to each crane function is necessary to extract best performance, prevent accident, and avoid damage to the equipment. Selecting the right wire rope for mooring is important for optimum performance and safety. It is crucial for oversized vessels whose numbers are increasing OCIMF strongly recommends the use of 6 × 36 class drawn galvanised wire rope with Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) as mooring lines.

Use of mooring ropes

Lines (or cables) used to secure a ship at a berth. Mooring ropes should be arranged as symmetrically as possible about the midship point of the ship. We advise mooring ropes made of polyester. Polypropylene is sometimes also used for mooring lines. This material has poor UV resistance, poor abrasion resistance and a limited strength. It is cheaper than polyester and floats.

Mooring lines

How long should a halyard, sheet or mooring line be? Below you can find some rule of thumb for rope lengths on board of your boat. These are generic guidelines and no rights can be derived from this. Make sure to crosscheck these values with the specific situation on board of your ship.

Mooring ropes

With our wealth of experience and knowledge, we are uniquely placed to provide excellent technical support, including guidance on the best product for a specific application. When it comes to the design, development and engineering of bespoke rope products, rest assured that our dedicated rope team has worked at the cutting edge of mooring technology for many years. Whatever the requirement, our commitment is to provide customers with a quality solution that meets individual needs.